An IC's Top 4 Response Objectives to Natural Disaster

If I was Incident Commander and the emergency was natural disasters and my timeline was 2024 to 2026, this is where I would start....

5 Common Difficulties Using ICS

After conducting a search on the internet, there are several common difficulties that people mention when it comes to using the incident command system (ICS). These include:

Cognitive Overload

Driving Series Part 2: How much is too much? When does busy turn into overwhelmed? ICS teaches us that the span of control should be no more than 5-7 people, so which is it? 5 or 7?

What comes with us to an Incident?

A long time ago, I was learning to teach emergency driving to first responders. On the first day, the chief instructor asked each of the instructors-to-be to rate how safe a driver they were

The Machine that goes Ping!

For the Monty Python fans out there, the scene needs little explanation. A lady about to give birth, wheeled into an operating room in the hospital and...

Go Big and Go Home

One of ICS' key features is the ability to expand and contract resources according to demand. Looks easy enough in the classroom but ...