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...check here to see if we've answered them.

Is it worth it for an organization of our size?

Great question and given everything else demanding both our time and finances we get this question a lot. While we do recognize this is "another tool" in the kit and there are other means to get this information, we'd ask: Do you use ICS for an incident at least once/year? 

If so, then we say yes - this site is worth it as we feel it will extend out your current investment in training, and has the potential to save both time and money in future responses. Decisions can be made faster and staff are certain of their direction with an unknown. All supported by the site. 

What if we already have the material?

Oh sure, everyone has the material, in fact, most everyone has had it for 20+ years. And yet, multiple After Action Reports report that more training needs to be done or sometimes even better training. ” 

Regardless of having the material in hand, one of the biggest problems is accessing the information in a way that's quick, easy and painless. No one want's to look through 100+ pages to find that one bullet that says they can or can't do something. 

Help your staff and organization as a whole, not have to wade through tons of paper just do their role. They'll thank you later! 

What if our staff is trained all the time? At least yearly?

Great! We love hearing and we do think that everyone should be trained and have the chance to use this material as much as possible.

But we're also pragmatic (because we've been there) that training budgets don't cover what they need to and fluctuate all the time. If nothing else, our membership site extends out your current investment, and then some.

How do we know this will work for us?

Glad you asked that! We do have an example membership site that we're happy for you to sign up and take a look. In fact, we'd love you to get in there and see if this is something that could work for your organization. The last thing we're interested in is wasting your time or money!

So click here and sign up for a free trial. Just know that not every position/function is open, but we think what is available will give you a good understanding of what to expect with your membership site.

Do you offer monthly payments?

We're afraid not.

Given the amount of time and costs taken to get an individual site up and running, plus all the back and forth that go on with new staff joining (individuals can reach out in the backend with questions), there's too much involved to have an organization leave early in the piece. 

We'd rather be upfront and let you know that payments are made for a year at a time.

How to know if this isn’t a scam

Your caution is recognized, and we have been there too, making purchasing decisions on behalf of our previous organizations. 

We're happy to get on a video call with you and to provide more information as needed, or to have a few conversations with other members in your organization until you feel confortable and confident in your purhcasing decision. 

What if we don't renew on or before our expiry date?

We will certainly be in contact with you or someone in your organization 60 days prior to the end of your expiry date. We know how budgetary processes and approvals can take time, and we'd like to give as much notice as possible.

In the event that your renewal period has passed, we can sign you up again at current market rates.

Essentially, what your pay for today in signing up will remain your price moving forward, unless you change to another tier or miss your renewal date (and price!).

We expect that as more content and assets are added, the value of the site will increase and those prices will be continually assessed and updated on the website. 

But don't worry, what you pay today is the best rate you can get moving forward.

What happens if we choose not to renew our membership site?

Oooh that hurts!

But we get it. Budgets change, focus change or New Kids On the Block come into fashion. :)

While we're certainly sad to see you go there's nothing you need to do. We'll simply deactivate the site and go our separate ways.

Since we've purchased the domain name as part of our service, that will remain with us. On the off chance you'd like to purchase that domain to use with another service or product, we will happy sell and transfer that domain to you for current market rate, plus a small handling fee.

What are the sites limitiations?

Tire kicking is important and we're glad that you asked that.

The only major drawback - currently, is that you will need a working internet to access the site.

And yes, we understand that's not ideal, but we are looking at other ways we can extend out the site - but more on that later.

In the meantime, we believe that a vast majority of incidents will have internet access!

What is your refund policy?

We don't offer one. You can read more about our reasons "WHY" by checking out our Refund Policy page here.

Our goal is to ensure that you and your organization are well aware of what comes with your membership site, you've checked out our sample site and possibly had others in your organization as well. 

And we'll be checking in as well to answer any further questions to ensure that this purchase is in the best interests of your organization. 

Do our staff have to use a work email?


That's the beautiful part of this. 

Share your site with internal and external personnel and they can use whatever email they like. Only qualifier is that they have to be able to access that (personal) email account for password recovery information and things of that nature. 

What information are you collecting or storing?

The only information we have access to on our side would be the user name of the individuals registered to the site and their email address - NOT THEIR PASSWORD.

The system is set up so individual users can trigger their own password reset without us being involved at all.

Inside the system, there is a location where individuals can reach out to us as "support" to ask questions and/or make requests but our responses would be handled all within the system. 

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